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Securement of User Data
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The Web Author’s Data Inventory
Conceived of in 2015 as a specifications-oriented extension of the "CV Matrix" model, which - due to its conceptual technicity - implies a larger control by the author over his or her contents, the present Datafolio - as a web-enabled construction panel pertaining to a data securement dilemma deeply rooted in our computers’ source code - now stretches across all dimensions framed in the many audit modules of my NetPlusUltra®-sustained Webfolio.
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Recommended NetPlusUltra® Configuration
Without claiming to be exhaustive, this data protection-oriented Infolio module should remain a basis for personal development enabling both commercial prospection and the subsequent exchange of information pertaining to the author's professional background.
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Welcome !
The consolidation of my NetPlusUltra® program for all issues related to the user's profile and environment implies to reconsider each one of the four modules on my publication agenda for this year against the background of the conceptual matrix-based framework of which they provide a systemic overview, in order to demonstrate the added value of each part with regard to the whole.
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Principles of Contextualization

The initial homepage of this web module has been replaced with a changeblog version, so as to enable a contextual consideration of each new development against the background of the evolution of the entire concept-sustained demo track. For a chronological illustration of this principle, please continue your navigation with the inaugural post of version 1.0/2016.
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